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29-Jan-2018 14:10

Combined with the desire to validate your existence through the online currency of 'likes' and positive feedback, these two factors can cause envy and lead to depression.

Frequent users of social media have been found to be 2.7 times more susceptible to depression compared to users who use such sites less frequently.

Pictures and posts on social media sites can indicate or be misinterpreted as evidence of infidelity.

Additionally, even when online relationships never lead to physical contact, it's said that "emotional cheating is worse than physical cheating." Ironically, online social networking can also contribute to a sense of isolation in real life, as users may disengage from real human interaction face-to-face in favor of virtual interactions.

For some individuals, personal use of social media has led to very negative professional outcomes.

Many stories have been shared online about people who have been fired from their jobs for social media posts in which they complain about a manager, make negative remarks about how the company is run or unwittingly reveal company secrets.

The scene of people staring at their smartphones at dinner instead of talking with the other people at the table is a familiar one.

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