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05-Nov-2017 13:58

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You're going to do the posing, we're going to do the flogging. " "Yes, aunty," I replied, "but there's something I want to say." Aunty looked me directly in the eyes and nodded: "Say away!

" "I want to fuck you, aunty," I said, as fervently as I could. "Oh dear, Nita, it looks like we've got a problem here.

She realised my confusion, then replied: "Of course you can, girls - 10 strokes each." Before handing the cat o' nine tails to one of the gardeners, Aunty Pat glanced down at me: "I know I promised to keep you away from the girls, darling, but I've changed my mind, it's a woman's prerogative, you know." Then standing before me was a now-nude gardener - it was Conchita, she informed me.

"On the floor, kneeling with your knees about a yard apart, slave," she told me. "Now behind you put your feet together, then place the rod behind you, lay it across the backs of your ankles and grab it." This forced my upper torso and genitals into a completely helpless display for my dominatrix.

Miss Anita stood alluringly before me, her nipples peeping through the open-fronted PVC bra, her minge brown and inviting.

She surveyed Anita's handiwork and smiled at me: "There, that should help drive those lustful thoughts from your naughty mind, my dear. I let out an involuntary "Oooouch" and earned a reprimand from Miss Anita: "No, Rick, it's 'One, thank-you Aunty Pat'." "Sorry," I apologised, "one, thank-you Aunty Pat." The words were hardly out of my mouth than the second stroke stung home across my shoulder blades. Already the strain on my legs was starting to tell. After 10 strokes, Aunty Pat halted and handed the cat to Anita.

"Take him through position two, darling," she instructed and made herself comfortable on an easy chair to watch the second segment of the flogging.

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