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My informants added that they want someone they can talk to after the lovemaking, or even after just the kissing and the cuddling.” It must be the cold weather, I added, for most of my informants would rather just kiss and cuddle rather than do the whole shebang.

In short, they want their relationship to be a “learning experience.” So I told Tammy that there seems to be hope in this day and age when young gay and bisexual men are dropping dead like flies because of the AIDS pandemic, simply because people still long for that loving relationship that will be their haven and home.

I have interviewed my nieces for this, as well as my young friends and of course did my research not in the library, but in social media, where else?

I have known people who date constantly, are devoted and loyal to each other, do not sleep with other people, and love each other to the moon and back – but they are not boyfriends or girlfriends of each other.

In my time, after courtship comes the boyfriend-girlfriend or the boyfriend-boyfriend or the girlfriend-girlfriend phase. Followed usually – but not all the time, maybe around 95 percent – by separation and bitter farewells and tears the size of diamonds.

But now they have a term called exclusively dating.

Another commentator said Ian King does look good – whether as male, female, or androgynous character. But in this case, Ian King, now happily transformed into Angelina, swears on angel wings that he still likes women, and is in love with Joey Mead.

High cheekbones, aquiline nose, eyes that sparkle – how can you go wrong? And here, let me pause and congratulate Joey Mead, who once interviewed me at an LGBT Pride March in Malate.

Being millennials, you want to be sure, you want something that can be erased quickly – as quickly as pressing the delete button of your smartphone, laptop or computer. And keep on talking to that boy you are seeing: he is a diamond in the rough, and so is your relationship. In between our heavy meal, a buffet that I thoroughly enjoyed, she asked questions about sex and relationships among gay men.We should let him be: a merry cross-dresser faithful to his wife, for fidelity, in my book, still counts up, up there amongst the list of values that both partners should have.