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Sienna Miller - a name a little more recognisable than yours. A day after auditioning - and plucking up the courage to tell the director that she thought the character in question, head girl Kelly, should be something of a rebellious Amy Winehouse type - Gemma turned on the radio to hear the latest showbiz gossip. Not only had I been rejected, but they'd stolen my idea, and gone straight to Amy herself. They've just confirmed.' I jumped so high that I banged my head on the ceiling." It's pure Hollywood."I was just gutted when I heard that she really wanted it," admits Gemma Arterton. "They were talking about how Amy Winehouse - the real one - had got a film part. "I called my agent and told her she didn't need to break the news gently - I already knew Amy had the part. One day, Gemma is performing make-overs in a department store; the next she is heading off to Cannes to hang on Russell Brand's arm and being tipped as a great British talent of the future. No sooner had the St Trinian's role come her way than she secured the part of Rosaline in Shakespeare's Love's Labour's Lost at the Globe Theatre in London."Although I did get the DVDs to see what the fuss was about," she says.The new version, directed by Rupert Everett - who also stars as eccentric headmistresses Miss Frinton - is set in 2002 and follows the wayward schoolgirls as they enter a TV quiz hosted by Stephen Fry, and become involved in a daring heist.

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You don't really get to know people on a film set because when you've done your bit you tend to go home.She does like to tease him, though."Gemma's biggest surprise was that Brand - who has a notorious reputation as a ladies' man in real life - was decorum personified."I was really shocked because he was a real gentleman, even with all these girls running around in suspenders." She seems a little disappointed, and laughs: "I came away thinking: 'Doesn't he fancy me? ' "Inevitably, the movie will provoke as much controversy as the original.It's the kind of thing you dream about when you are starting out in this game.

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Scroll down for more"It's lovely that it's so well regarded in the industry, too.We'd go to lunch in the canteen and watch as Mischa Barton, who also had a role, was whisked by us. "People like Colin Firth would never have peace to have their lunch if extras were coming up for autographs all the time.