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He exposes his protean persona between soft-spoken interactions, as well as bouts of song, historical data, and art lore.

Then, he intermittently plasters on a whimsical look that fuses attitude, madness, and facetiousness while flashing the immortal metal horns as an exclamation point to his story, and then he carries on naturally. The house itself doubles as an enviable man cave/music recording studio with no windows, and a progressive dual art workshop (one side is Newsted’s, the other is his wife’s) in a Florida room that lights up every which way—the house displays an unintentional, yet balanced contrast of light and darkness.

Out of the four locations, Jupiter is where Newsted finds himself lingering the most, because it’s where he claims to find the necessary solace and focus to open the floodgates of creativity at a pace that agrees with him.

“Every year, I spend more and more time here,” Newsted points out.

During this time, he also recalls driving around the freeways and Florida Turnpike back-and-forth to visit his grandparents towards the end of the 90s and frequently passing by the Jupiter exits and feeling an inexplicable pull.

“There was something subliminally appealing and dreamy about living in a place called Jupiter,” Newsted affirms.

Eternal staples like “Enter Sandman,” “The Unforgiven,” “Nothing Else Matters,” “One,” and “Fuel,” are but a brief sampling of the songs that were hatched during Newsted’s tenure.

It gave him great satisfaction to see Lloyd and Delma’s personalized gold and platinum Metallica albums on their walls to show their pride for their grandson.He emphatically claims that while he is here, he only needs to travel three miles from wherever he is to fulfill his needs: Restaurants, grocery stores, the beach; all is available within a three-mile span – and he’ll usually make these short trips on his bike.Newsted also correlates the water bodies that surround Jupiter to a happier, healthier, and more connected form of living, which is the main thesis on one of the many books stacked on his nightstand: Blue Mind by Wallace S. But whether it’s in Jupiter or any other location, this legendary artist finds himself—or loses himself, for that matter—he is always fueling his creative engine, and the rest is all ink on paper, and more currently, paint on a canvas.JUPITER, FL – October 30, 2017 – An energetic and highly amplified electronic rock music having a hard beat, that is how Merriam-Webster defines heavy metal.

If there was a viable channel in which to personify this description, then Jason Newsted would surely be one of its embodiments.It’s an immeasurable, invaluable component that fuels me; it makes me want to increase my contribution to this town.

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