Moroccan dating and marriage practices

06-Nov-2017 00:42

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143956322 #18016By Anonymous on Sunday, April 02, 2006 - pm By Anonymous who wrote on Saturday, March 25, 2006 - pm: *Did u not know he was already married? *He probably hasn't had a relationship as you and I might know. *This is the year 2006 and I can not believe these men are being stereotyped as wife beaters and visa seekers.* No, not all are. *living in Morocco as man and wife for two years now.* You live in Morocco.Dating doesn't exist and sex outside of marriage is quite hard.* Yes, I agree with your first statement. It is not even the same as in other Arab countries. Please tell me if you are just talking about your relationship or the culture in general.Is it okay that she is only a student and a mother, collects SSI?Is it safe for me to go and meet my boyfriends parents in Morocco?

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At the end of it all I was just the pretty white girl that he wanted to play around with for a while before finding some nice Muslim girl to settle down with.In my opinion you are a desperate nut being scammed by good con artist - you say he wouldn't ever ask you to do this, BUT he has!