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09-Jan-2018 08:40

That's the one thing that unites all country people from all walks of life, whether it's a farmer who breathes the air of country life and never sets foot in the town, or someone who just likes a walk in the country at weekends." The important thing, she points out, is that people with specific country-related interests should feel free to express them within the Muddy Matches site.

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"We launched the site with the UK market in mind." But Lucy, who has paid several visits to Ireland, was amazed to find on a riding holiday in Cork last year that there was no Muddy Matches equivalent for Ireland.

"We've since matched ourselves up with muddy people, but not via the site," says Lucy.

A disappointment, perhaps, for all the Playboys of the Western World on the prowl for love, though the good news is that there are thousands of other muddy-minded maidens online at Muddy Matches to whom they can confess their patricidal urges.

"She lives and works on the farm, whereas I have spent quite a bit of time abroad, and lived in London for a while, although I'm pretty much based in the country all the time now." The two matchmakers had no concerns about any negative connotations surrounding the concept of internet dating.

"We'd seen the success of bigger online dating and social networking sites, and it had shown that online dating was actually quite cool now, and that people were doing it not because they had to, but because they wanted to," Lucy says.This is how the sisters came up with Muddy Matches, an online dating site and social networking community specifically for those of a country bent.

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