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14-Sep-2017 12:23

But we’re giving you a little sumpin’ sumpin.’ Merry Christmas, Nancy.

We felt sorry for you during the two days we sat through this crapshow.

You know you must have gone to bed hungry when your dreams throughout the night are about doughnuts and mini cupcakes. I’m not sure printed words would do it justice, you may need to hear my voice to get the full effect. Even though this is the least possible “punishment” (it has zero effect on his ability to carry out his job) that can be issued against him, Zahnd is seriously considering appealing the recommendation to the ultimate authority in these matters, the Missouri Supreme Court. Let’s cut through twists and turns in language used by the panel in its recommendation and cut to the common sense aspects of this.

It’s deserving of a mini-rant, because we all should take our doughnuts seriously, you guys I just don’t know when I’m going to unload said rant.

It’s not like Zahnd was giving away salacious details or talking about any letter writers’ family secrets in his press release.

He simply identified them by name and listed their publicly-known occupations. If the folks felt shame for voluntarily sending those letters, they publicly shamed themselves. That public shaming, if they felt it, was self-inflicted. My guess would be this would get overturned on appeal. It’s the season of snowflakes and this recommendation reeks of a snowflake mentality.

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Developing pictures meant many hours in the dark, alone with my thoughts, the distinct smell of photo-developing chemicals, and a radio.Their efforts became public in the interest of transparency and in the interest of sending important messages--a message such as showing that prominent folks won’t get special treatment in our courts, a message that creates a deterrent for other would-be child molesters, a message that encourages other sex crime victims to step forward.Those messages were outlined by Zahnd in his defense testimony. Tell me again who forced them to write those letters?By the way, let’s not forget letters sent to the judge are a matter of public record, this is not protected material.

How is it possible to publicly shame someone who voluntarily inserted themselves into a public proceeding?Every day I would see sadness and loneliness on the face of my mother, widowed at the age of 45 and having never worked outside the home.

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