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She eventually sympathizes with him after discovering his poor home life and develops a relationship with him.

However, she breaks it off after she discovered that he was working for Jenna.

Aria has just returned from Iceland after a year or so with her family and still feels unable to forgive her father who cheated on her mother, who's still unaware of it; she also discovers that her new English teacher (Ezra Fitz) is the same guy she met and made out with at a bar the day before.

Hanna is now the "it" girl of the school, along with former geek Mona Vanderwaal.

The girls' next suspect was Noel, after Hanna is hit by a car while spying outside Mona's birthday party.

Hanna witnesses Noel writing a message at the back of a car, owned by Ezra.

She and Emily later break up, and Emily dates Samara.

The girls discover that Ian was the guy Alison was seeing the night she disappeared and suspect he was the one who killed her.

Hanna and Sean later break up, after Hanna dances with Lucas at the dance-a-thon fundraiser (as 'A' demanded).

Both girls indulge in shoplifting; later, Hanna gets in trouble, forcing her mother to sleep with a detective for her release. Later, Alison's body is found buried in her old backyard.

Spencer has feelings for her sister's fiancé (Wren Kingston). Realizing that 'A' wouldn't be Alison, the girls began searching for clues.

The first season of Pretty Little Liars, based on the books of the same name by Sara Shepard, premiered on June 8, 2010 and concluded on March 21, 2011 on ABC Family.

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The show premiered to 2.47 million viewers and retained a regular audience of 2.5 million viewers during its summer run.

Emily decides to hold a memorial for Alison; however, the memorial was later destroyed, and a picture of her at its remains made her a suspect.

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