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"We're here raising up our voices and our glitter in shouts of joy in support of marriage equality," Tishun said.Few say they would describe the law as a success thus far, only 11% say so in the poll, while 35% say it has been a failure and 53% say it's too soon to make a judgment.The court's most recent rulings on same-sex marriage have tilted in favor of those who support legal marriages, a growing group among the American public.In this poll, 63% say they believe gay and lesbian couples have a constitutional right to marry.

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In 2005, John Roberts was nominated by President George W.On same sex marriage, 63% of those who see a constitutional right for gay or lesbian couples to marry say they trust the court at least a moderate amount on same-sex marriage.Among those who do not see such a right, just 25% have that much trust in the court.On health care, the court upheld a key provision of the law in 2012 and is currently considering whether the law allows subsidies for low- and moderate-income families purchasing insurance through state-run exchanges.

In the CNN/ORC poll, 43% of Americans say they favor the law overall, matching its previous high for support last reached in May 2013.

The court has moved to the right during Roberts' tenure, although Roberts supplied the key vote to uphold Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act.

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