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The letter sent to Mr Bercow on Sunday continues: “The Conservative Party is determined to protect those staff who work for MPs but in order to do so effectively I believe that we must establish a House-wide mediation service complemented by a contractually binding grievance procedure available for all MPs irrespective of their party banner.

“It is vital that the staff and the public have confidence in Parliament and resolving this employment irregularity on a cross-party basis can play an important role in this.” It comes after several reports of misconduct by politicians from all parties and the admission from Mark Garnier, a minister in the Department for International Trade, that he asked his secretary to purchase vibrators for him from a sex shop in Soho.

The University of Michigan research, published in Social Science And Medicine, suggests social interaction and trust are important to reducing the risk of stroke.

They concluded that those who went to work, ate meals and went outside at regular times fell asleep faster at bedtime, slept better and woke fewer times in the night than those in the study whose activities were more random.

Ms Edmondson added that Mr Garnier had told her that one of the sex toys was for his wife while the other was for a female assistant in his West Midlands constituency.

“I’m not going to deny it, because I’m not going to be dishonest,” Mr Garnier said.

For the past three years, Jacqui, from Wales, who described herself as 'fat and ugly', had turned her back when she saw a camera, refusing to let friends and family take her photo.

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Her hair fell thin and unkempt from her head - uncut and untreated for 10 years.I accept any kind of sexual chatter like this is totally wrong and I am sorry for my actions.” It is believed the Weinstein abuse scandal in Hollywood – involving more than 50 accusations of either sexual assault or harassment – has encouraged women in a number of professions to come forward and report information about sexual harassment and misconduct.